Early Head Start 0 to 3

Questions? Want to enroll? Call the 0 to 5 Hotline 877.632.4968

Eligibility 0-5 Home Head Start Early Head Start

Helping eligible families get the the support they need


To promote family unity, attachment and self-sufficiency for pregnant teens and families with young children.

Serving expectant mothers and families with children birth to age 4.

Parent Resources, Provider resources and training provide essential needs within our community

Every child is born ready to learn, grow, and succeed

Children who receive positive, responsive care in the first years of life enjoy an important head start toward success in their lives. All they need is a little help. Give them the help they need. Give them an Early Head Start experience.

Early Head Start offers children and families free comprehensive services through home visits and / or child care. Each program provides opportunities for parents to enhance parenting skills, knowledge and understanding of the education and developmental needs of their children.

Community Support

Support from child care professionals, health providers, education, parenting and child development are essential for helping young children acheive success

Year round services are provided to children in the service area through a community support network that includes licensed child care professionals, health providers, parenting education providers, and child development professionals. Early Head Start offers family and social serves referrals for enrolled children and their families.

Families Eligible to Receive

  • An array of services tailored to fit the strengths and needs of each family including FREE:
  • Weekly socialization and parent education classes
  • weekly or monthly home visits from Family Educator
  • Free full day, full year child care
    • Family and community partnerships
    • nutrition education
    • Disability assessment & services
    • Health & mental health services
    • Family support services
    • Services tailored to pregnant women & teen moms

*All services above are dependent on which program a family is enrolled in, eligibility, and need.

Prenatal care is vital to the wellbeing of parent and childExpectant Mothers

Child Start focuses on quality prenatal care and the health and well-being of both the mother and young child through the Early Head Start Program.



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