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fixiStock_000006330090XSmallBring Child Start trainings to your child care center or preschool to receive high-quality professional development for all of your staff.

Custom and pre-created KDHE/Child Care Aware of Kansas approved in-service workshops for professional growth in the early childhood care and education profession held at your site!

All sites must hold a current Professional Membership


Contact a CCR&R staff member for more information and to make reservations. Please have the following information available:

  • Possible dates & times
  • Number of participants
  • Location
  • Number of hours needed for staff
  • Trainings or training topics needed
  • Once confirmed you will need to send us a list of participant names for certificates prior to training,.

Other important information:

  • Training attendance is limited to 40 participants.
  • 30 days advanced request required for all on-site training.
  • Certificates will be issued upon completion of the training and receipt of payment.

Current list of already approved training:

  • “Art: The Experience of Exploration”
  • “Basic Child Development”
  • “Birth Order”
  • “Books Come to Life”
  • “Building Positive Relationships”
  • “Building Problem Solving Skills in Young Children” (NEW)
  • “Building Social Emotional Foundations (CSEFEL)”
  • “Child Abuse, Neglect & Head Trauma”
  • “Childhood Obesity: Let’s Turn it Around”
  • “Child Centered Teaching and Learning” (NEW)
  • “Design to Succeed” 
  • “Eco-Healthy Child Care”
  • “Emergency Preparedness for Child Care Providers” (NEW) (DCF) *Possible discounted rate
  • “Enhancing Emotional Literacy”
  • “Exploring Math in Preschool”
  • “Exploring Shadows” (PEEP) (NEW)
  • “Exploring Sounds” (PEEP) (NEW)
  • “Exploring Ramps” (PEEP) (NEW)
  • “Family to the Center of Our Focus”
  • “Food Exploration”
  • “Getting A Feel for Sensory Issues”
  • “Happy Meals: Safe Food Practices and Allergy Awareness” (NEW) (DCF)
  • “Health & Safety Initial Professional Development”
  • “Healthy Environments: Disease Prevention and Control” (NEW) (DCF)
  • “How Does Your Garden Grow” (NEW)
  • “Importance of Circle Time” 
  • “Importance of Parenting and Child Development in Strengthening Families”
  • “Introduction to Strengthening Families”
  • “Keep Calm and Get Along – Dealing with Challenging Behaviors”
  • “Keeping Children Safe: Environment and Transportation Safety” (NEW) (DCF)
  • “Let’s Get Cooking” (NEW)
  • “Literacy: More Than Just Reading”
  • “Literature and Puppet Fun” 
  • “Making Messy Memories” (NEW)
  • “Managing Meltdowns” 
  • “Medication Administration in Child Care” (NEW) (DCF)
  • “On The Spot Transitions”
  • “Parental Resilience in Strengthening Families”
  • “Parent Engagement in Strengthening Families”
  • “PCAN M1: Building Collaborative Relationships with Families”
  • “PCAN M10: Supporting Staff in Building Effective Relationships with Parents”
  • “PCAN M2: Early Brain Development”
  • “PCAN M3: Social-Emotional Development of Infants, Toddlers and Their Parents”
  • “PCAN M4: Helping Parents & Providers Understand Temperament”
  • “PCAN M5: The Influence of Culture on Caregiving”
  • “PCAN M6: Understanding & Responding to Abuse and Neglect of Infants and Toddlers”
  • “PCAN M7: Supportive Responses to Troubled Parent-Child Interactions”
  • “PCAN M8: Challenging Behaviors in Infants & Toddlers”
  • “PCAN M9: Reflective and Relationship-Based Organizations”
  • “Playful Pursuits” 
  • “Preschool Science”
  • “Reducing the Wiggles”
  • “Safe Slumber: Creating a Safe Sleep Environment”
  • “School Readiness – Preschool to Kindergarten”
  • “Social Connections, Meeting Concrete Needs in Strengthening Families”
  • “Social Emotional Needs of Children in Strengthening Families”
  • “Strengthening Families Approach”
  • “Strengthening Families Training Day”
  • “The Importance of Play”
  • “The Recipe for Healthy Children”
  • “The Strengthening Families Approach – Family Support Module”
  • “The Strengthening Families Approach – Needs of Children Module”
  • “Transforming Your Outdoor Space” (NEW)
  • “Using Materials You Already Have for Multiple Activities and Objectives”
  • “Using Sensory Activities in the Classroom” 
  • “Water World” (NEW)
  • “World of Weather” (NEW)
  • “Workplace Ethics” 

*List updated February 18, 2016.  New indicates added in last 12 months.  New indicates added since August 2016.  DCF Required Training (Available end of March 2017)

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