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TrailBlazer, Learn It, Earn it, Share It

Trailblazers… are you ready?! June’s Trailblazer Badge is on one of our most popular topics… helping kids be happy to make everyday less challenging!

June 4: What’s So Positive About Positive Discipline?

Teachers want children to share, care, and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. This does not happen overnight. We cannot simply wave a magic wand and have all the challenging behaviors disappear. We, as early childhood professionals, must look at all the underlying causes. Has there been a major change in home life, is there enough options for gross motor movement, or are we setting a good example in how we treat others? We will take a complete look at ourselves and our programs during this training. You must ask yourself what greater legacy could you leave for these children? It is through the repetition of positive, loving guidance that we teach children the skills they need for life. In this training, we will discuss how to teach children the art of respect, the power of giving choices, and how to prevent situations that lead to challenging behaviors.

June 13: Building Resilience in Children

The source for prevailing happiness and resiliency starts in early childhood. We play a huge role in this. Our time we spend with children is short and every instant we spend with them is crucial for the goal we all share; for children to be happy and healthy. In this training, we will describe the “7 Cs” that contribute to children’s resiliency according to Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg. We will discuss how building children’s resiliency and providing appropriate skills will help building healthy, happy, and resilient children.

June 27: Eliminating Transitions = Eliminating Chaos

Are you tired of the same ol’ clean up song? Do the children become chaotic during times of transition? Creating transitions that are short, sweet, and fun are crucial to a successful program. Transitions can create added stress so maintaining short transitions is optimal for a successful classroom. In this training, we will discuss how to cut down on the number of transitions in your day, making them engaging, and how a successfully run classroom that is rewarding and not rambunctious.

What is TrailBlazer?

TrailBlazer is a way for you to earn recognition for your learning AND free training! Learn more now!

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