Camp GWC 2020 Saturday, March 28, 2020

Early bird rates end soon!  Make sure you register before rates increase! We are excited about all of the changes this year:
  • First, we are bringing in three national speakers: Dr. Anthny Broughton (aka Mister B); Charmaine Erwin of Zoo Phonics, and Cassandra O-Neill for our leadership track.
  • Speaking of the Leadership Track… this is also a new feature.  In the past you could choose to go to the Director’s Chair or to Camp GWC.  With a generous Sponsorship from ECDO, you can pick and choose to go to any session, leadership or otherwise and find the perfect schedule for you.
  • Thanks to your feedback, we have also changed the schedule to adapt to 1.5 hour trainings as opposed to 2 hour trainings, we hope this makes the day go faster for you!
  • Keynote only passes – we know that our Keynote is going to be energizing and popular, so we have created a ticket for those that just want to attend his awesomely inspiring session!
What are you waiting for?  Check out all of the details on the official Camp GWC page!