Camp GWC 2019

Saturday, April 6, 2019
7:00 AM – 3:45 PM

Central Community Church
6100 W. Maple, Wichita, KS

You are in for a treat! Camp GWC, formally Growing With Children, is the largest early childhood conference in the area. Each year over 250 professionals from across the state join together for a full day of learning, meeting other professionals, shopping, prizes, and fun. Each year we look forward to new and exciting topics so you can walk away with ideas ready to implement! Plus, licensed child care providers receive up to 6 in-service hours.

Who should attend?

  • Family Child Care Providers
  • Child Care Center Teachers
  • Program Directors & Assistant Directors
  • Head Start/Early Head Start staff
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Community members interested in early care and education

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About The Conference

Session Descriptions
Directors Chair

Growing With Children Schedule

7:00 - Doors Open, Exhibits Open
7:45 - Sessions Open
8:00 - Session 1 Begins
10:00 - Session 1 Ends, Exhibits Open
10:30 - Sessions Open
10:45 - Session 2 Begins
12:45 - Session 2 Ends, Lunch Begins, Exhibits Open
1:30 - Sessions Open
1:45 - Session 3 Begins, Lunch Ends, Exhibits Closed
3:45 - Conference Ends

Session Descriptions

1 Session 1
2 Session 2
3 Session 3
1 Session 1

Camp GWC Session 1

A: Community Resources for Health: Don't reinvent the wheel
Shelley Rich, Health & Wellness Coalition

Community resources exist that you can use to improve your health and those around you. In this session, we will discuss what is a healthy lifestyle. Then we will discuss how to achieve that healthy lifestyle with the plentiful resources that are available in our very own community. Join us for a fun, interactive session learning about community resources in Sedgwick County to promote physical activity and healthy eating. 


B: Fine Motor Development- Tips and Tricks
Shawna Wendt, Sprout Pediatric OT, LLC

This presentation will introduce fine motor development from birth to age 5.  In addition to lecture, strategies for developing fine motor skills will be introduced, demonstrated and some will be practiced. Our goal is to give ideas you can implement on Monday.


C: Reconnecting with Your Purpose (Professional Development Trailblazer Track)
Dr. Ryan Dopps, Dopps Chiropractic NE

Do you know your purpose? Has burnout taken over? Come and connect with the most confident, authentic version of yourself to discover your purpose. We will identify your values and strengths, reconnect with your interests and passions to uncover the elements of your ideal life. This training will be interactive, reflective, and motivating. Join me to unlock the limiting beliefs that stop you from living with purpose.


D: Understanding Behaviors in Young Children (Toddler & Pre-K Ed Trailblazer Track)
Heather Barnett, Child Behavior Specialists

Young children can be challenging to care for and we often think that their behaviors are meant to make us crazy! Behavior is a young child’s way to communicate to us. They are communicating their needs and indicate when something could be a problem. This session will help caregivers to discern problem behaviors from what is typical. We will look to find ways to manage the children in their care and their own mental health needs.


E: Supporting Young Investigators: The Project Approach (Explorations Trailblazer Track)
Pegi Stamps, Constructive Playthings

The Project Approach, as an in-depth investigation of real-world topics; enables children to interact, questions, connect, problem-solve, and reflect in a meaningful learning experiences. In this workshop, participants will examine toddler and preschool projects, discuss the phases of project work, and evaluate the authentic learning that occurs in project work.


F: 8 to Great: Inspiring Hope & Empowering Transformation (Leadership Trailblazer Track)
Patty Stuever, Master Training, 8 To Great

This workshops provides an overview of the 8 High-Ways from the 8 to Great transformational book. We will be discussing how to use the forgiveness formula for releasing past hurts and mistakes, having a positive attitude, working to break through negative patterns, and starting each day with a gracious mind. You will leave with a "recipe for success" as we discover how to take back and keep your power!

2 Session 2

Camp GWC Session 

G: Lemonade for Life: A Hope-Infused, Trauma-Informed Approach to ACEs
Sarah Hussain, KU-Center for Public Partnership

Got Hope? Hope is a viable, practical strategy to promote resilience and help heal from trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). This presentation will share how to integrate hope, resilience, and a growth mindset to be able to better support families and create positive environments for young children.


H: Overwhelmed, Overstimulated and Misunderstood Children
Mariah Warden, NorthStar Therapy

Do you have a child that gets overstimulated easily?  Do you have children who cannot focus on a task?  How many strategies have you tried that haven’t worked?  Come learn the signs and differences of anxiety, sensory processing issues, and ADHD.  You will know how to best support and advocate for families with children that require referrals, testing, or other treatment options.  You will learn strategies to engage children that may be struggling with these problems in your classroom.  This session is back from last year due to max capacity reached! 


  1. Business Growth Through Personal Development (Professional Development Trailblazer Track)
    Dr. Denise Dopps, Dopps Chiropractic NE, Adjust Your Vocabulary, H.E.R.

Business growth goes hand-in-hand with personal development. You can improve your business by improving yourself. In this training, we will discuss personal development strategies such as goal setting, health, and time management to name a few. You will learn strategies for developing empathy that will help grow your business. Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner, this training will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to grow!


  1. Singing Our Way Through Circle Time (Toddler & Pre-K Ed Trailblazer Track)
    Kim Stringer, Kreative Kids Child Development

Are you tired of the same old circle time routine? Are you ready to shake things up? Come learn how to sing your way through circle time! Too many times we are pushed to believe to have children “just sit still.” Children need to move, sing, and laugh! We will discuss how circle time needs to be more than children sitting and listening. Participants will learn how to effectively implement circle time with the use of engaging music, songs, books, and more. Practice makes perfect so be ready to move, laugh, and sing!


K: Exploring the Importance of Risky Play and STEM Play (Explorations Trailblazer Track)
Ashley Fritschle, WSU CDC

STEM play incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math. We will have examples for play, how to incorporate it into lesson plans, where to get STEM supplies and more. For Risky play we will role play, have ideas, talk about limitations, and talk about how to incorporate it into an Early Childhood Educators Day.


L: Power to the Profession (Leadership Trailblazer Track)
Amy Gottschamer, Googols of Learning Child Development Center

Are you tired of people asking if you ‘just play’ all day? Attendees will learn about the Power to the Profession initiative for, and by, early childhood professionals, which is establishing a unifying framework for identity, career pathways, knowledge and competencies, designations, and compensation. Learn how to explain to people why you should not be considered a babysitter!

3 Session 3

Camp GWC Session 3

M: Using Multiple Channels to Market Your Child Care Business
Sarah Goertz, Happy Day Academy

This presentation will provide participants with the tools they need to create a marketing strategy, determine a budget and execute a marketing plan that will help increase enrollments and build trust with families before they even walk through the front door.


N: The M in STEM = Mathematics
Pegi Stamps, Constructive Playthings

Do the Math! In this hands-on workshop, participants will engage in activities foundational to children’s mathematical thinking. This session will explore effective teaching strategies and ways to include math activities in daily routines while aligning practice with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards for Early Childhood Education.


O: Carpe Diem: Seize the Morning, Own Your Day (Professional Development Trailblazer Track)
Kande Jones, Mulvane Recreation Commission

Carpe Diem will teach participants how to utilize the most valuable time of their day to attain and maintain peak mental clarity and focus. This is not just a unilateral approach to unlocking the miracle of morning motivation, but a comprehensive, whole-life renovation geared toward maximum morning effectiveness.


P: Mother Natures’ Classroom (Toddler & Pre-K Ed Trailblazer Track)
Kim Stringer, Kreative Kids Child Development

Are you in LOVE with nature and the great outdoors? Would you like to spread that joy to the children in your care?  This training is for you! You will be surprised at how easy you can implement valuable and effective natural teaching tools into your own program. We will be learning how to engage children with rocks, sticks, grass, painting outside, water play and so many more learning experiences. Whether you are a veteran teacher or just getting started, this training will leave you feeling energized and eager to enjoy the magic of the great outdoors.


Q: Learning By The Handfulls: A Tactile Approach (Explorations Trailblazer Track)
Beth Drinnen, City of Wichita, Child Care Licensing

From the day they are born, children are receiving and processing sensory input.  They are seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling and tasting their whole lives!  Infants, toddlers and young children learn naturally through sensory experience.   Give the children in your care the opportunity to explore new things with all of their senses. From recipes for cloud dough, slime and fizzy rainbow slush to creative sensory bins, this course will provide information on skill development, safety considerations and new ideas of “hands on” experiences especially for tactile learners.


R: Blueprint for Making Kids the Priority in the Kansas Statehouse (Leadership Trailblazer Track)
John Wilson, Kansas Action for Children

Investments in quality early learning are life changing, yet choices by policymakers make it easy, hard, or impossible to make those investments. During this workshop, you will learn the basics of how things work in Topeka and how you can use your voice and experience to inspire and educate policymakers.

Directors Chair

About Director's Chair

Director's Chair is a separate conference-in-conference at Camp GWC organized by ECDO (Early Childhood Director's Organization).  Director's Chair is an all-day session with a 1/2 hour break for lunch. In-service hours are available for those that stay the entire duration of the event.  Director's Chair attendees are invited to visit the exhibitor area 7:00-8:00 and during lunch.  

Director's Chair Topics (must attend all)

  • Children Who Color Outside of the Lines – How Do We Ignite Children’s Creativity? - Understanding how to develop the creative process in children. Guidelines for optimum creativity.
  • Supporting Children Who Take Us to the End of Our Rope – Looking at the major causes of challenging behaviors? And strategies to support this child.
  • Supporting the Successful Team - Handling conflicts, helping team members feel worthy, communicating together and development of personal strengths are discussed.
  • Working with Challenging Adults – Practice strategies to work with challenging people.

Director's Chair Schedule

7:00 - Conference Opens, Exhibitors Open
7:45 - Director's Chair Session Room Opens
8:00 - Director's Chair Begins (No scheduled breaks)
12:00 - Lunch
12:30 - Lunch Ends
4:00 - Director's Chair Ends

About the Presenter:

Daniel J Hodgins is an exceptional, internationally renowned presenter and author of two books titled, Boys: Changing the Classroom, Not the Child and his new book titled, GET OVER IT, Relearning guidance practices.  Daniel has done keynotes, workshops, and seminars in over 48 states, Japan, and Canada.


As a consultant, Daniel works with educators, parents and other professionals, helping them to understand the research-based theory and how to adapt curriculum and environments that support the continued development of children and families.  Daniel has a unique grasp of children and family issues learned from over 30 plus years of experience working as a teacher, director, educator and parent in both the private and public sector. Daniel's interactive style is both informative and entertaining.   


Conference Registration:

Camp GWC Early Bird Regular Walk-In
Child Start Members  $   60.00  $   70.00  $   85.00
Non-Members  $   95.00  $ 100.00  $ 125.00
Director's Chair Early Bird Regular Walk-in
ECDO Members  $   75.00  $   85.00  $ 100.00
Non-Members  $ 110.00  $ 115.00  $ 140.00

Plus applicable online transaction fees imposed by Eventbrite. 

You could attend FREE!  

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Raffle Tickets:

$1.00 Each or 6 for $5.00

Who’s Attending


Camp GWC Sponsors

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!  They help make this conference a success!


Official Sponsor:











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Silver Sponsor:



Camp GWC Presenters

These are the ladies and gentlemen you came to see! 

Name Business/Organization
Amy Gottschamer Googols of Learning Child Development Center
Ashley Fritschle WSU CDC
Beth Drinnen City of Wichita, Child Care Licensing
Denise Dopps Dopps Chiropractic NE, Adjust Your Vocabulary, H.E.R
Heather Barnett Child Behavior Specialists
John Wilson Kansas Action for Children
Kande Jones Mulvane Recretaion Commission
Kim Stringer Kreative Kids Child Development
Mariah Warden NorthStar Therapy
Patty Stuever Master Training, 8 to Great
Pegi Stamps Constructive Playthings
Ryan Dopps Dopps Chiropractic NE
Sarah Goertz Happy Day Academy LLC
Sarah Hussain KU-Center for Public Partnership
Shawna Wendt Sprout Pediatric OT, LLC
Shelley Rich Health and Wellness Coalition

Be Involved

Exhibit or Advertise

Volunteer at Camp GWC

It takes a village to run such an elaborate event like Camp GWC and we couldn’t do it without some helping hands  !  Each year, Camp GWC needs around 60 volunteers on conference day.  Volunteers help check our participants in, help our presenters with setup, serve lunch, and more!  This is a perfect opportunity for local groups to participate together or individuals looking to help out for a day.  All volunteers receive a certificate of service and a warm THANK YOU for their help!  Learn more about volunteering by downloading our Volunteer Packet.

Download Volunteer Packet (pdf)

Exhibit or Advertise

Exhibit for Camp GWC

Our campers love to shop !  As an exhibitor, you can capture almost two hours of face time with over 300 attendees!  Our audience is 95% women and all work with children!  This is a perfect opportunity for businesses in the following sectors:  toys, children’s activities, education, clothing, accessories, shopping, fitness, etc.  New this year, we have redesigned the exhibitor room, allowing for businesses that want more space to have it!  With new Showcase Spaces you can set up however you wish and make a little store or even a great area for giving massages!  Also new for this year… select your space!  We feel that with these new additions the limited spots will fill up fast so reserve yours early!  Learn more about exhibiting and other advertising opportunities by downloading the Advertiser Packet.  Update – We have sold out of our Standard Tables, but we have a few Showcase Spaces available.

Advertise at Camp GWC

Make sure your business is seen !  We send out over 2,000 registration brochures and your ad could be included!  We have additional advertisement opportunities including our conference program to fit almost any budget.  Learn more about advertising and other business opportunities by downloading the Advertiser Packet.

Download Advertiser Packet (pdf)


Sponsor Camp GWC

Sponsorship has its perks and is critical to the success of Camp GWC!  We offer multiple levels of sponsorship that help us bring in high-quality speakers, yummy food, and provide the best experience for our campers.  All sponsorship levels include exhibit space (some at the Showcase level), ads in our marketing materials, sign or banner recognition, and free conference passes you can use for your own marketing purposes.  Our Official sponsor (only one available) has even more additional perks for the ultimate marketing opportunity for your business.  Limited sponsorship opportunities available.  Learn more about Sponsorship and other business opportunities by downloading the Advertiser Packet.


Download Advertiser Packet (pdf)


Donate to Camp GWC

Be an early childhood champion!  We want to expose the early childhood community to the wide variety of local products and services available.  Even if you or a business you know is unable to exhibit or advertise, all contributions are valuable!  We need donations for door prizes, raffles, volunteer & presenter gifts, and conference packet stuffers (can be branded).   Learn more about the donations we need by downloading our Donations Letter.


Download Donation Letter (pdf)

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