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When Zach’s mother realized that he was not up to par with his peers and had some speech problems, testing referred him to Child Start. He is now five years old and has been in Head Start for a year and a half. As a result, he went from being behind socially and not understanding boundaries to looking people in the eye when he talks to them, knowing his alphabet and numbers, and learning to read. Zach’s mother claims that the program has changed the life of her child and has impacted her entire family.

This is but one story of the many that reflect the importance of Child Start and what we do. We work with child care providers to make sure they are offering quality care for our children (how many stories of abuse have we read recently?), and we administer Head Start and Early Head Start. While we do receive federal funding for some of our programs, we are a non-profit organization that depends on community donations to sustain our services.

Our children need your help. As you may know, research proves that quality early learning programs help children do better in school while making them more likely to attend college and less likely to be involved in the criminal justice system. They also earn more in wages and pay more taxes. Our children – and our community – need and deserve our investment.

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