Camp GWC

Saturday, August 15, 2020
7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Central Community Church
6100 W. Maple, Wichita, KS

You are in for a treat! Camp GWC, formerly Growing With Children, is the largest early childhood conference in the area. Each year over 350 professionals from across the state join together for a full day of learning, meeting other professionals, shopping, prizes, and fun.

Each year we look forward to new and exciting topics so you can walk away with ideas ready to implement! Plus, licensed child care providers receive up to 6 in-service hours.

Who Should Attend

  • Family Child Care Providers
  • Child Care Center Teachers
  • Program Directors & Assistant Directors
  • Head Start/Early Head Start staff
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Community members interested in early care and education


In light of COVID, we are postponing Camp GWC from March 28th to August 15th, 2020. Please read the FAQ for more information. of how this effects your registration.

Now August 15, 2020


Dr. Anthony Broughton, affectionately known as MiSTER B is a multi-talented, nationally recognized speaker, trainer, and leader in education. His interactive, energized, intentional and culturally informed approaches to delivering messages leave attendees inspired. His passion and commitment for equity and excellence in education is radiant!

Check out one of his videos with over a half-million views!

About The Conference

Camp GWC Schedule

2020 Conference Schedule

7:00 amDoors Open, Exhibits Open, Snacks, Coffee
7:45 amSessions Open
8:00 amKeynote featuring MiSTER B Begins
9:30 amKeynote Ends, Exhibits Open, Snacks
9:45 amSessions Open
10:00 am Session 2 Begins
11:30 am Session 2 Ends, Lunch Begins, Exhibits Open
12:15 pm Sessions Open
12:30 pm Session 3 Begins, Lunch Ends
2:00 pmSession 3 Ends, Exhibits Open, Snack Break
2:15 pmSessions Open
2:30 pmSession 4 Begins, Exhibit hall closed
4:00 pmSession 4 Ends, Conference over

Conference Registration:

1/22-2/232/24-3/15After 3/15
Child Start Members$60$70$85

NEW! Keynote Only Pass: $30

Session Descriptions

Camp GWC Keynote (8:00 am – 9:30 am)

Turning Up the Excellence in Children

Mister B – Dr. Anthony Broughton, Author, YouTube Star, Consultant

What a way to start the morning!!!  Join us to watch “The letters get down” with Mister B! Attendees will learn multi-sensory approaches to foster learning across all literacy domains using culturally responsive music. Classroom examples, with supporting research, will be shared with attendees.

Just interested in the keynote? We have Keynote Only tickets available this year!

Camp GWC Session 2 (10:00 am – 11:30 am)

A – Setting the Stage For Learning

Anthony Broughton “Mister B”

Learning environments and caregiver dispositions set the tone for optimal learning opportunities. Attendees will learn about essential environmental elements that foster development across all domains. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory will set the foundation for this presentation.

B – Build-a-Question Workshop: Teaching Children to Create Good Science Questions

Laurel Zhang

Early learners ask questions constantly. They do this for a good reason. They want to learn how the world works. They want answers. Good science starts with an idea and good question, the beginning stages of the scientific method. Using open ended science questions provides the means for children to get evidence or answers to their ideas or questions. In this training, participants will learn techniques to help children building good science questions leading to a more stimulating and engaging classroom environment.

C – Bottles, Binkies, Thumbs, and Teeth: Helping Kids Through Tough Transitions

Kathy Hunt

There are so many questions about these topics! “How can I help parents with these transitions…relieving teething pain, weaning from bottle or breast, kicking the thumb or pacifier habit?” Come join this fast paced and interactive presentation to learn the answers.

D – Compassionate Consequences with Love and Logic

Matt Gallagher

The Love and Logic approach provides research-based, time-tested strategies for managing behavior at all ages. Learn a new way of interacting to remove power struggles and teach responsibility to the children in your care. 

E – Activate Children’s Learning Through Puppetry

Amy Woolf

Children learn best when they are actively engaged in experiences using multiple senses and having fun! In this highly participatory workshop, Amy Woolf, a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist, will demonstrate how she leads students in puppet, movement and drama experiences to help them understand various curricular topics.

F – Social Media Starter Kit (Leadership Track)

Emily Rishel

This workshop will provide a birds-eye-view of social media options such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You will walk away with the ability to decide which social media site to use and be able to create or update your business’ online presence.

Camp GWC Session 3 (12:30 pm – 2:00 pm)

G – Love to Move, Move to Learn with Zoophonics!

Charmaine Erwin, Zoo Phonics

The session will present an introduction to the Zoo-phonics methodology. Attendees will learn how to teach their students the alphabet at the same time they are developing their motor skills. Learn many physical games that tie into language arts; including Zoo-Robics!

H – Meaningful Math: Using Music to Support and Reinforce Math Concepts

Anthony Broughton “Mister B”                 

“Turn Up” while fostering math skills. Music can be instrumental in how a child’s brain is structured. In this session, you will learn culturally responsive approaches to foster the learning of math concepts with musical support. You will leave with concrete examples and strategies to support children with mathematics across the curriculum.

I – What is Kindergarten Readiness and How Can I Help?      

Cindy Hadicke, KSDE                     

Do you really understand the Kansas Vision for Kindergarten Readiness? In this session, we will explore ways that home providers, Pre-K programs, and families can help with this state vision. This session will offer common sense ideas for increasing vocabulary, read-aloud strategies, and oral language games to play with children that are getting ready to enter Kindergarten.

J – Personality Informed Child-Care

Matt Gallagher, Restoration Counseling and Consultation, P.A.                  

We are all unique and each of our children are different than the other. Research has also revealed patterns in how each of us perceive the world, communicate, and receive motivation. In this training, we will discuss how this research can be used to help children be successful in life. Participants will learn to recognize each child’s pattern of language and motivation to help children grow and develop.

K – Making Books Come Alive with Theatre, Dance and Rhythm!

Pamela Lamont, Arts Partners    

Arts integration is a critical component to cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Join Arts Partners Wolf Trap artist, Pamela Lamont, and learn how to incorporate the arts into education to create a deeper, more meaningful learning experience. In this training, you will learn how to take characters from a book with Theatre, Dance, and Rhythm and bring them alive in the classroom. Leave with new creative tools in your teacher toolbox.

L – Leadership for Change: Moving from Ideas to Action (Leadership Track)       

Cassandra O’Neill, Leadership Alchemy LLC

This session will invite participants to explore the beliefs and values they have about leadership and tap into their leadership aspirations. Building on this, participants will design experiments to try new things to move toward their aspirations with others.

Session 4 (2:30 pm – 4:00 pm)

M – Rocking and Rolling with Routines

Anthony Broughton “Mister B”  

Music is a powerful tool. In this session, you will learn how to support children in holistic ways using music as an approach to engagement. Implementing these approaches support children with consistent and age appropriate routines.

N – Raising Grateful Children in an Entitled World

Janet Davidson, Cowley Community College

If a sense of entitlement is plaguing your program, center, or family; it’s never too late to make a change. Making gratitude a part of your culture through relationship building, setting realistic expectations and identifying individual needs of your children is the key. In this session, we will go over 7 tools to fight back the entitlement plague.

O – 8 to Great          

Patty Stuever, 8 to Great                            

This workshops provides an overview of the 8 High-Ways from the 8 to Great transformational book. We will be discussing how to use the forgiveness formula for releasing past hurts and mistakes, having a positive attitude, working to break through negative patterns, and starting each day with a gracious mind. You will leave with a “recipe for success” as we discover how to take back and keep your power!

P – “We’re ALL Early Childhood Stakeholders” – Strengthening Early Childhood in Kansas        

Amanda Petersen, KSDE

Kansas has an exciting opportunity to shape our state’s future direction for early childhood. This training will give insight into partnerships across systems and agencies for early childhood support and services. Come join the conversation about what Kansans have shared, where Kansas is headed, and how you can get engaged! We must all be actively engaged to make a difference for the lives of Kansas children.

Q – We All Have Mental Health         

Mental Health Association                         

The most common childhood mental disorders are anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorders. Although less common, developmental disorders and psychotic disorders in children can have a lifelong impact on the child and his or her family. Learn the signs and symptoms of mental illness in children and interventions to minimize the distressing effects for school-aged children and adolescents.            

R – Do You Want to Love Feedback? (Leadership Track)             

Cassandra O’Neill, Leadership Alchemy LLC

Feedback is essential to growth. In this session participants will learn the fundamentals of how to give and receive feedback, which supports growth and development. Useful feedback is transformative and will help you find solutions for things that have been a mystery.

Who’s Attending

2020 Camp GWC Sponsors

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!  They help make this conference a success!

Official Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Camp GWC Presenters

  • Amanda Petersen, KSDE
  • Amy Woolf, Arts Partners
  • Brandy and Tana, Mental Health Association
  • Cassandra O’Neill, Leadership Alchemy LLC
  • Charmaine Erwin, Zoo Phonics
  • Cindy Hadicke, KSDE
  • Emily Rishel, Kansas Small Business Development Center
  • Janet Davidson, Cowley Community College
  • Kathy Hunt, Oral Health of Kansas
  • Laurel Zhang, Exploration Place
  • Mathew Gallagher, Restoration Counseling and consultation, P.A.
  • Mister B – Dr. Anthony Broughton, The B-Hive
  • Pamela Lamont, Arts Partners
  • Patty Steuver, 8 to Great

Camp GWC Exhibitors

Here are the businesses you can expect to see in the Camp GWC Exhibit hall!   Updated as new exhibitors received.

Be Involved

Volunteer at Camp GWC

It takes a village to run such an elaborate event like Camp GWC and we couldn’t do it without some helping hands!  Each year, Camp GWC needs around 60 volunteers on the conference day.  Volunteers help check our participants in, help our presenters with setup, serve lunch, and more!  This is a perfect opportunity for local groups to participate together or individuals looking to help out for a day.  All volunteers receive a certificate of service and a warm THANK YOU for their help!  Learn more about volunteering by downloading our Volunteer Packet.

Exhibit for Camp GWC

Our campers love to shop!  As an exhibitor, you can capture almost two hours of face time with 400 attendees!  Our audience is 95% women and all work with children!  This is a perfect opportunity for businesses in the following sectors:  toys, children’s activities, education, clothing, accessories, shopping, fitness, etc.  We have brought back select your space and added even more opportunities to exhibit!  We will fill up fast so reserve yours early!  Learn more about exhibiting and other advertising opportunities by downloading the Advertiser Packet.

Advertise at Camp GWC

Make sure your business is seen!  We send out over 2,000 registration brochures and your ad could be included!  We have additional advertisement opportunities including our conference program to fit almost any budget.  Learn more about advertising and other business opportunities by downloading the Advertiser Packet.

Sponsor Camp GWC

Sponsorship has its perks and is critical to the success of Camp GWC!  We offer multiple levels of sponsorship that help us bring in high-quality speakers, yummy food, and provide the best experience for our campers.  All sponsorship levels include exhibit space (some at the Showcase level), ads in our marketing materials, sign or banner recognition, and free conference passes you can use for your own marketing purposes.  Our Official Sponsor (only one available) has even more additional perks for the ultimate marketing opportunity for your business.  Limited sponsorship opportunities are available.  Contact Tanya Bulluck at 316-682-1853 to discuss Sponsorship opportunities or view our Sponsorship Opportunities handout.

Donate to Camp GWC

Be an early childhood champion!  We want to expose the early childhood community to a wide variety of local products and services available.  Even if you or a business you know is unable to exhibit or advertise, all contributions are valuable!  We need donations for door prizes, raffles, volunteer & presenter gifts, and conference packet stuffers (can be branded).