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Quality Cruises is a fun-filled day cruising from one quality child care facility to another in the comfort of a party bus. All riders will get to tour three facilities; receive training while riding the bus; win awards; enjoy refreshments and more!

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Quality Cruises
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We have expanded the concept of typical training by offering real life examples of how to create quality environments. Most participants walk away with photos and notes about things to implement at their business and a few new names in their contacts.

Become a show home

We are seeking new facilities for this next cruise and are accepting applications.  You will receive free admission to the party bus and two KDHE approved in-service hours.  Show Homes & Centers must be willing to allow around 25 participants to view the licensed areas of your facility, take pictures, and be prepared to answer lots of fun questions about your environment.  For more information or to view photos from our last event, call Tanya or Marilee at 316-682-1853 and visit: https://www.facebook.com/ChildStartCCRR/.   

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