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Use the Referral Service to spread the word and keep your vacancies filled.

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The Child Care Referral Call Center receives thousands of calls from interested families each year.

Making the Most of Our Service

Step One: Start by becoming listed on our service:

Complete a Child Care Business Profile Form

Yes! It is a lot of information! The more information you provide the better results you will have using our referral service. On this form you will also find it asks you questions like rates, salary, and demographic information. This is kept confidential but is important for funding and reporting reasons.

Step Two: Keep your vacancies updated:

Why is this important? Child Start’s Referral program uses the following criteria to match parents to providers:

  • Vacancies for the age of children
  • Location desired for care
  • Dates and times available
  • If provider accepts DCF Subsidy families.

If you match the days, times, and location desired but are listed with no vacancies your name may not be given to the parent in their random list of providers.

You can always call 316-682-1853 during business hours and do a quick update by phone!

Want to update your profile directly & add photos?

Updating your profile has never been easier!  We have switched to a new, easier to use system that allows you to login, update your information, and add pictures without waiting for approvals!  Give it a try today!  Call us at 316-682-1853 ext. 2235 to get your username and password setup.  

Visit: anytime to update your vacancies, information, and photos anytime!

Prefer to mail in your forms?

Print and complete the form below and mail to Child Start.

Other Marketing Tips:

  • Print business cards and carry them with you everywhere! Look for opportunities to meet people and talk about your business.
  • See professional goals for yourself and your business. Once your business is established, consider accreditation or obtaining your CDA credential.
  • Use an answering machine so that you won’t miss calls from prospective clients. Make sure the greeting is professional.
  • Offer a high-quality service committed to serving the children in your care and their families.

What Parents Receive on their Child Care Lists:

Online searches:

  • Full details, no address
  • Multiple random providers per search

Searches by calling:

  • Full details, full contact information
  • Multiple random providers per search

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