Dear valued early childhood professional, In regards to the safety of all of our attendees and staff during this uncertain time of COVID-19, we are taking measures to protect everyone while still providing the critical services that Early Childhood Connections of Child Start provides.  In response, we are bringing the wonderful, live, in-person trainings to you on your own devices from the comfort and safety of your home.   Our classes will remain live, instructor led, and will feel the same as they have in the past.  The only difference is that our presenter, as well as attendees will not be in the same physical space.   We are using a tool called Newrow.  This system is in its basic form, a live video conference call with tools that allow everyone to be interactive, just like in our classrooms.  It is accessible to anyone that has access to internet, email, and a device that supports video including computers, tablets and phones that have microphone and camera capabilities.   All participants will be expected to be heard, seen, and participate, just like at a typical training.    Training reservations will operate the same way.  We ask that when possible, please use the online training calendar for making reservations.  As a non-member, reservations are easy, no log-in required to register.  As a member, to access your discounts, you will need to log-in.  If you are a member and need your user name, please use this form to request and we will respond as soon as possible.   Please note, it will be vitally important to use the actual email address of the person attending when making reservations.  This is how they will receive their link to attend the training.   Early Childhood Connections staff are remote working.  We will try to be accessible through phone, but online reservations will be the best method of guaranteeing your spot.  Courses are now also limited to 15 people, so some classes may fill up.   All registrants will receive instructions before their class on how to access the event.  Our goal is to post instructions online for all to view as well.  In the meantime, here are a few links so you can get an idea of what to expect:     As with any new technology, we can expect a few setbacks.  We appreciate your patience during this transition and hope you enjoy this new platform as much as we do!   Thank you!   Sincerely, Early Childhood Connections Team