Now Available… Online Mini Learning Experiences!

Your membership gives you access to our newest benefit… Online Mini Learning Experiences!  Due to COVID we have not been able to come to your sites to perform our monthly themes, but we have heard from you how much you miss them.  Because of this, we have developed Online Mini Learning Experiences. Just like our original format, there is a new theme each month. For example, June is Worms.  For each theme there are a variety of activities that cover different competencies including language & literacy, physical, art & sensory, and cooking & nutrition to name a few.  Each topic includes a list of materials needed and fun ways to incorporate the theme throughout the month. New to this format is the ability to look at every month for theme ideas.  Don’t feel like the Worm theme?  We also have last month’s theme up… Strawberries.  Every month, a new theme will be added and you will not lose access to the other themes.

What are the requirements?

How do I begin?

  • Complete this application.  Don’t worry, if you or your center is a current member you will get access.
  • We will verify membership and work with you to make sure you have a Google Account then give you access.