About TRAILBlazer Badges

What are badges?

A TRAILBlazer Badge is a digital badge.  It arrives electronically to your email and you keep it in a digital briefcase and can share it in a variety of ways including on social media, your Linked In page or your website.  It is completely portable and will always be available to you.  Many organizations and colleges use digital badges.  You can keep all of your digital badges from all sources in one place.

Why badges?

  • Badges are another way to tell the story of who someone is, what they have done, and what they know.
  • A badge shows the world the knowledge and skills you demonstrated to achieve your certificate from a respected, credible source.
  • A badge helps publicize your accomplishments on social media, on your website and in your email signature.
  • A badge demonstrates that your knowledge is up to date.

What are the benefits for the earners of badges?

  • Easy to document, verify, get recognition, and display
  • Collect, manage and share in online repositories and digital venues that are uniquely relevant and useful
  • Demonstrate discrete knowledge, skills, competencies, achievement, activities of a particular interest to employers
  • Integrates communities of learning and engagement
  • Facilitates digital networking
  • Motivates and encourages exploration & new and ongoing learning opportunities
  • Badges are portable, making sharing credentials easy, convenient, and secure.

What are the benefits for the viewers of the badges?

  • Understand what an individual is capable of, what they know, what they can do within the context of their badge.
  • Understand learning, skills, knowledge, competencies gained
  • Evaluate badges and what they communicate and validate, by reviewing the specific criteria and evidence hard-coded in the digital badge
  • Allows for targeted and quicker screening & selection, based on key relevant skills, knowledge, competencies
  • Facilitates digital networking

Where can I share digital badges?

  • Personal & business website
  • Personal & business blogs
  • Social networking platforms
  • Professional networking platforms
  • Digital portfolios
  • Digital resumes
  • Directly with employers
  • Online job sites

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