TRAILBlazer Policies

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TRAILBlazer Badges

  • TrailBlazer Badges are awarded upon review and approval of evidence and confirmation of completion of required courses.
  • Awarded to an individual (not a center) and is non-transferable.
  • Evidence must be submitted before the end of the quarter in order to receive badge/credit.
  • Evidence must be quality content.

Onsite Training

  • Onsite TrailBlazer Trainings can be used to complete a track.
  • Must be completed within one calendar quarter.
  • Free Track not available as an onsite.
  • Charged as typical trainings (three trainings make one track so 3 trainings x75 per hour x2 hours= $450.
  • Available to members only.

Free Tracks/Training

  • Third Free Track must be used within 12 months.
  • Free Tracks are not available as an onsite in any capacity.

TRAILMaster Badge

  • In order to earn the TRAILMASTER Badge, all three tracks must be completed within 12 months.
  • No additional evidence required.
  • REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS: Each training in a Track is treated like a typical training and follows training policies (walk-in fees, cancellation policy, etc.).


  • Training: A 2-hour professional development event.
  • Onsite: A training provided for a client at their location specifically for their staff.
  • Track: A combination of three trainings as defined by Child Start.
  • TRAILBlazer: The name of the project for training tracks.   Awarded as a badge if an individual completes all trainings in the track and the required activity.
  • TRAILMaster: The name of the badge received when earning three TrailBlazer Badges.
  • Badge: A digital badge.  See for more information.

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